Deployment Manager (ERDM)

The objective of EasyRoster Deployment Manager (ERDM) is to empower an operational manager to manage staff deployments at sites in near real time, from the office and at the same time record time and attendance details automatically in EasyRoster.

It should be noted that ERDM is not simply a time and attendance module, but forms part of the fully-fledged operational management system which is EasyRoster. This means that all the power EasyRoster management reports are also at the disposal of operational management to ensure that operations are planned and executed in the most effective way.



Operation of ERDM is brought about by personnel checking in and out of sites.  Either biometric (finger print), RFID or proximity card technologies may be used during the personnel checking process at a site.  ERDM is developed to interface seamlessly with existing reader technologies.

The use of biometrics ensures that the correct person is at the site, while simultaneously eliminating the possibility of ‘buddy checking’.  Once a person has checked in or out, the message will be relayed over a network to the location of the ERDM.  In this way an operational manager will be able to ensure that (as far as possible) the scheduled persons arrive at the correct sites at the correct times, and leave at the correct times.  At the same time, the operational manager will easily be able to identify over and under postings so that the appropriate action can be taken immediately in order to rectify the situation.  If replacement persons are necessary at any time, EasyRoster will enable the manager to ensure that a person who can be deployed without earning overtime is identified and can be contacted.

Alarm Notifications

ERDM features functionality to set and trigger different alarms for sites deployments.  For example, if attendance at a site is not according to requirement, and an alarm is set, then a manager would receive a text message/email notification to that effect.