EasyRoster is a very effective tool to be used for the management
of shift workers. The objective of using EasyRoster should be to
ensure that you schedule and post:

  • the correct number of personnel
  • of the correct grades or ranks
  • for the correct number of hours
  • at the correct sites
  • that you limit overtime and non-productive time as much as possible, and
  • that you make a profit at each site or location
  • that your clients get what they pay for

Flexible Business Rules

EasyRoster allows for the creation of flexible business rules such as:

  • Shift type definitions
  • Wage calculation
  • Grades/Rank
  • Allowances
  • Earnings and many more

Contract/Site Management

Sites may be seen as locations or contracts too.  Details regarding each site are captured and maintained in EasyRoster.  These details include:

  • Contract details and values
  • Wage-to-revenue target percentages
  • Shift hours and times
  • Personnel requirements
  • Site allowances
  • Contract skill or qualification requirements
  • Blacklisted personnel

When roster and/or attendance hours or shifts are registered for a site, these are compared to the requirements of the contract or site.

Human Resource Management

Details regarding each person to be managed are captured and maintained in EasyRoster.  These details include:

  • Identification details
  • Contact details
  • Wage details
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Allowances allocated
  • Evaluations and disciplinary hearings

Many of the reports provided in EasyRoster have been developed with a view to providing information required by the Human Resources department as well as the Operations department.

Personnel Allocation

The Personnel Allocation functionality is provided in order for a user to specify the rules according to which automatic scheduling or rostering should be done. 

A person may be allocated to a site(s) according to a pre-defined shift pattern.  The functionality provides an aid for the user to determine when the correct numbers of persons are allocated to the site based on requirements per shift.

Hours and times, as well as allowances and rates that are applicable to a person that is allocated to a site may also be allocated.

Once the allocation is done, for all sites and personnel, EasyRoster provides the functionality to automatically roster personnel (and associated allowance payments) at allocated sites for any period into the future. 

Rostering for a period thus takes a matter of seconds, rather than hours or even days.

Personnel Scheduling

Scheduling or rostering may be done either manually or automatically. 

The simplest way to do the rostering is to first do the personnel allocation, and then ‘Automatic Scheduling’.  Once this has been done, exceptions to the ‘rostering rules’ as specified by the shift patterns may be done manually. 

Once the rostering has been done for a period, management reports may be produced in order to check whether the rosters are as efficient as they possibly can be.  Management is thus empowered to make the necessary decisions with respect to the optimisation of the rosters in terms of:

  • the correct number of personnel,
  • of the correct grades or ranks, being rostered at the correct sites,
  • overtime and non-productive time being limited as much as possible, and
  • an acceptable profit being made at each site.


Time & Attendance

The capturing of actual attendance details may be done either manually or automatically.  The simplest way to do the attendance is to first do ‘Automatic Attendance’ (which simply takes the roster for the specified shift as the actual attendance), and then capture the exceptions manually.

Typically the Posting Sheet would be used either by the supervisors or the control room to record the details of actual attendance.  Highlighted exceptions on the posting sheets would then be used to make the manual changes to the attendance on EasyRoster.  Using this process makes the capturing of attendance really quick and easy.

Assuming that attendance is captured as soon as possible after posting has taken place, management is empowered by reports to make the necessary adjustments to attendance to ensure that sites are correctly covered, and that wage costs are kept to a minimum.

Attendance may also be registered automatically by making use of EasyRoster Deployment Manager (ERDM).

Management Reporting

The most important functionality provided by EasyRoster, is the power of the management information and reports that are provided.  There are reports to be used by the following departments in an organisation:

  • Operations,
  • Finance,
  • Sales,
  • Human Resources,
  • Logistics

With respect to operations, reports highlight incorrect rostering and attendance in terms of the number and/or grades of personnel rostered or posted at a site, projected and actual wage costs, overtime, non-productive time, site profitability etc.   In short, these reports enable an operations manager to keep day-to-day control of operations in order to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum and personnel requirements are precisely met.

Exporting to Payroll

EasyRoster provides the facility to export attendance details to various payroll systems.  This means that manual calculation of overtime and all other categories of hours is not necessary.  Other than that, there will be no manual input of hours and/or shifts into the payroll system.

The result of this is that, if operations managers have checked the attendance on EasyRoster, and it is correct, then the payroll will be correct because input mistakes are eliminated.

 The advantage of this is that pay queries are kept to a minimum and sometimes totally eliminated.