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Facts about EasyRoster

  • Hundreds of companies in over 25 countries, use EasyRoster to manage their workforces efficiently
  • EasyRoster encourages the user to do the bulk of rostering (staff scheduling) as well as time and attendance (staff deployments) registration automatically
  • EasyRoster Deployment Manager (ERDM) empowers operational managers to manage staff deployments and time-and-attendance at sites in near real time, by interfacing seamlessly with existing reader (Biometric, RFID and Proximity card) technologies
  • A major design objective of EasyRoster is that of management by exception
  • The power of EasyRoster lies in its management information and reports
  • EasyRoster keeps track of manpower utilisation
  • EasyRoster will help you to reduce your wage bill, by providing information to enhance control over wage costs (labour costs)

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